November 22, 2023

Delius Pharma – Brochure

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DivyGfx | Creative Agency

Pharmaceuticals - Brochure

Elevate your brand’s potential with our comprehensive optimization services. From strategic branding to targeted campaigns, we empower your company for sustained growth, ensuring every facet reflects your unique identity.

DivyGfx is a dynamic design agency specializing in comprehensive creative solutions. From impactful branding and eye-catching packaging to seamless web development and effective social media management, we blend innovation with expertise. With a global clientele, DivyGfx transforms visions into compelling designs, setting brands apart with distinctive creativity


Designing the DivyGfx logo posed the challenge of encapsulating growth and modernity. The primary focus was an upward arrow symbolizing clients' progression post-collaboration. We aimed for a sleek, minimalistic design to mirror our contemporary approach. Crafting an emblem that merges innovation with simplicity captured the essence of our vision.

  • Strategy

    Conceptual Symbolism, Minimalistic Modernity, Client-Centric Focus

  • Design

    Presentation, Visiting Card, Hoodie Designs, Social media Presentation

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